Thursday, 2 April 2015

Stop the Closure of Grays Pedestrian Level Crossing: Please Vote!

Grant and Polly by the threatened crossing at Grays Railway station.

This from Thurrock Lifestyle Solutions Director, Sunny Saini:

"Everyone need to raise their voice to keep Grays Level crossing open, POLITICIANS AND members of the public [join] forces to raise awareness... we need EVERYONE right beside. I pledge EVERYONE to come forward [to] help us battle our way to keep Grays Level crossing [open]. All we can raise our voice back to Network Rail.

EVERYONE NEEDS RIGHT to CAMPAIGN AGAINST closing Grays Level crossing."

Please read more and sign if you agree at the Thurrock Diversity Network petition on-line by clicking on this link or click on the picture above of Grant and Polly at the barriers. Picture via the excellentYourThurrock.

"We at TEN-TV think this will cause great trouble for the many people in Grays who can't use the stairs, so please sign this petition. We need all the help we can get. "

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Anonymous said...

Not closing at all !