Wednesday, 29 April 2015

7th of May 2015: Voting in the General Election (Thurrock)

If you have been registered to vote, you can have a say in what kind of people you would like to to run the government and also your local council (you will get two votes in Thurrock this year). If you are not registered, you can always register for the next election.

There are seven candidates (people who would like you to vote for them) standing to be your local Member of Parliament (MP) in the General Election in Thurrock. You can find out about them by clicking on their name or picture below...

Tim Aker (UKIP)
Tim Aker - UKIP UKIP

Jamie Barnes (Cannabis is Safer than Alcohol)
Jamie Barnes (Cannabis is Safer than Alcohol)

Polly Billington (Labour Party)
Polly Billington (Labour Party) Labour

Jackie Doyle-Price (Conservative Party - Thurrock's previous MP)
Jackie Doyle-Price - Conservative Party Conservatives

Rhodri Jamieson-Ball (Liberal Democrats)
Rhodri Jamieson-Ball (Liberal Democrats) Liberal Democrats

Aba Kristilolu All People's Party
Aba Kristilolu All People's Party All People's Party - UK

Daniel Munyambu Independent
Daniel Munyambu - Independent in Thurrock

There is also more information on the people above at, some great videos at YourThurrock and some Easy Read manifestos for the Labour, Conservative, UKIP, Liberal Democrat and Green parties to help you understand what these people stand for.

Your Thurrock MP and your local council member can help you fight for things you believe in. "Please vote. It's important." - Lee at TEN-TV

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