Thursday, 29 January 2015

ECM: Essex Community Messaging

Picture of a burglar with a no burglar cross through him.
Essex Community Messaging

"Owing to a recent number of dwelling burglaries in the Chafford Hundred area Police would like to advise residents to be particularly mindful of their security and to ensure their homes are adequately protected. Car keys should be kept upstairs and not left in obvious locations as breaking into a house to take the keys is one prevalent method of vehicle theft. Please be vigilant at all times and report any concerns by 999 for emergencies - where there is immediate risk of harm to persons or of loss of property, i.e. if you think a crime is being committed now - or 101 if you see someone or something suspicious. Thank you. Si Myers, Police Sergeant 102 [ECM].

Thankyou to Sunny for passing this on.

The two idiots from Home Alone: Burglars.

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