Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Accessible Darts

Bullseye! On-line Darts.

Options screen on Papunet Darts. Settings reflect the easiest single-switch / one-switch mode.

Papunet on-line Darts. Image of a dart board with 10 concentric circles numbered 1 from the outside to 10 in the bullseye. A cartoon hand wavers over the board holding a red dart.

Click on the pictures above to play accessible Darts. To play with a single accessibility switch, ensure the switch triggers a mouse left-click. Contact us if you need help with this.

"Bullseye!" HELP: Click PLAY to start, then leave the mouse pointer over the big blue button (top-right of the dart-board). Press once to stop the left-right aiming indicator, then when ready press again to stop the up-down aiming and throw. Refresh the browser to restart a game.

"Papunet Darts" is easier still to play. Click on the Darts picture, set your "Aim of throw" to Automatically and "Force of throw" to automatic then click on "PLAY". Five darts to score as high as you can. The nearer to the bullseye in the middle, the higher you'll score. To reset the game click the rounded arrow next to the cross.

These games will enable players who are unable to physically throw a dart to play against people using the real thing. You will need to adapt the games (by ignoring the scoring and rules and resetting as needed) to play other games such as round the clock, killer or closest to the bullseye. You may of course need to talk someone through what is happening to help aid understanding.

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