Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Be Free Festival (September 16th to 18th)

The Be Free Festival. September 2014. Pictures of lots of things going on, including Campfires, Songwriting, Lantern making and so on.

"The Be Free Festival will be a magical few days encouraging people to reflect on how they want to shape their Ordinary Lives. There will be adrenalin filled activities like the Zip Wire and High Ropes (with support for people with physical support needs) as well as song writing workshops (with the Gig Buddies) and a Pamper Zone.

Be Free will give people a chance to:

- connect with new people
- spend time with existing friends
- challenge themselves to push boundaries and try new things
- consider their lives and new possibilities
- experience the outdoors
- develop their confidence through new experiences
- use their voice to share a clear message about freedom and choice.

See their festival flyer here, and booking information here. The event is from 5pm on Tuesday the 16th September to 12.30pm on Thursday the 18th September 2014. The venue is at Gilwell Park Scout Activity Centre, Chingford, London, E4 7QW (a little way from junction 26 on the M25).


Lynn said...

This looks really good, is it suitable for wheelchair users?
Thanks. Lynn Myers

Barrie Ellis said...

I'd be very surprised if the majority of it isn't. Drop them a line, Lynn if you can, and let us know.