Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Fire Break 2014

People from around Thurrock took part in a week-long Fire Break course. It taught first-aid, working as a team and to have confidence in yourself. Here are some of the words from Lee, Isabelle, Anita and Danny, who took part this year supported by TLS.

TEN-TV: "How was Fire Break this year?"
Lee: "Good... Bit cold it was, it rained".
TEN-TV: "What was the best part?"
Lee: "Doing things outside...."
Anita: "Climbing a ladder... very high."
Lee: "Scary!" (all laugh)
Isabelle: "Nervous."
Lee: "Pointed the water at the [smoking] building."
Anita: "Tunnel."
Lee: "You had to wear a gas mask suit".
Danny: "[the best part] was the wall. [I wore a] jacket... suit... boots, also I wore a hat... all red... I wasn't scared at all!"
TEN-TV: "Did you enjoy the breakfast!?"
Lee: "We had 5 days a week breakfast... Sausages and Bacon".
Danny: "Really, really good!"
TEN-TV: "Did you learn much?"
Isabelle: "Yes"
Anita: "Yes"
Lee: "Learnt a lot of things...First aid."
Danny: "I got a certificate..."
TEN-TV: "How did that make you feel?"
Danny: "Very, very, very happy!"

Well done for everyone's hard work at the FireBreak. All of you should be proud of yourselves, and thankyou to those who agreed to be interviewed, and to John for putting the video together. TEN-TV.

TLS Firebreak course with Essex County Fire and Rescue Centre

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donna Fryer said...

well done to all that participated you all look like u had a good time