Wednesday, 31 July 2013

What do you think about our PCSOs In Thurrock?

Police Community Support Officers helping a lady with a map.

A PSCO wearing a Community Support Officer high-visibility jacket.

Thurrock residents have until Friday the 9th August 2013 to complete a questionnaire on how they feel about Thurrock's Police Community Support Officer's.

"Thurrock Diversity Network is carrying out this survey as an Independent Community Organisation. [They] are interested in obtaining, gathering and hearing your views of Police Community Support Officers [PCSOs] in Thurrock and details of:

The actual real differences that the PCSOs make to you, your friends, neighbours and people you know in Thurrock.

The positive impact of PCSOs upon communities and people in Thurrock.

The added value the PCSOs bring to community safety and cohesion [making people feel like they belong to their neighbourhood] in Thurrock."

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