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Fear of the Dark (by Kevin Land)

A dark forest.

“HELP ME” screamed the woman as she ran through the forest hoping that someone could hear her but whatever was following her had made sure they would not be disturbed judging by the carnage around her when she woke a few minutes ago she would never forget the look on each of her friends faces the fear in their eyes that’s when she heard it moving all she saw was jagged teeth and evil blood red eyes as she ran never looking back but she didn’t see the small dip in the floor and tripped breaking her leg but she didn’t have time to scream in pain as the creature caught her, the only sound that managed to escape her throat was a gasp as the teeth sunk deeply.

Let me apologise to begin with this is not just a little story made with a little scare this is based on primal fear, the fear that there may be something in the dark something that might not want you to wake in the morning so if you begin to get scared just remember it is just a story…isn‘t it?.

It was a quiet mid-summers day in town thought Joyce but then again it was always quiet in fact the only thing that had happened in the last year was her neighbour had found a old coin but lost it while drunk “boo ha Joyce did I scare you” said martin her younger brother “mom said dinners almost ready” but Joyce just ignored him and stared into the distance the dark storm clouds rolling in looked different “hey I’m talking to you…just because your adopted doesn’t give you the right to act like your better then me” continued martin then he ran off leaving Joyce alone at the edge of the garden “I hate that little twerp” said Joyce to herself but she turned round and followed him home anyway.

Their home was a picturesque cottage with a thatched roof and drifty windows but her parents always managed to keep the warm feeling inside she truly loved it but the only thing she didn’t like was her brothers and sisters she was different them she knew it and so did they “Joyce could you come in here a moment” asked her mother as soon as she walked in “is anything wrong mom” replied Joyce but her mother just smiled and said “you shouldn’t get so worried or scared I just wanted to take a good look at my beautiful daughter before she gets too old to be my little girl” and gave Joyce a hug “now come on dinners almost ready could you help me set the table” Joyce enjoyed her mother’s company even doing chores seemed more enjoyable with her “so have you decided what you would like to do for your birthday you only have a few days” asked her dad as the seven of them sat around the dinner table “well I would like a car then I could learn to drive” replied Joyce but her oldest brother destroyed her hope “ha your joking aren’t you the real children should get cars not freaks like you” the way he said it caused all the other children to burst out laughing both her mother and father told him to apologise to Joyce but he just refused “she is not my real sister and I could care less if her feelings get hurt” with that Joyce ran away from the table crying until she was outside she could still hear the arguments inside but she didn’t want to go back inside “Joyce where are you please come back” said her mother who ran out after her but the troubled teen was to upset to listen.

She kept running until she could not take another step and collapsed to the ground by then the storm had taken hold and the rain was coming down harder then ever before not to mention the wind Joyce knew she should try to find shelter luckily she found herself near her only friend Toni’s house they had known each other since they were in the same hospital ward when they were four “Toni it’s Joyce let me in” said Joyce she was relieved to see her friend’s face “Joyce are you okay what happened” asked her friend and in the dryness and warmth of Toni’s home Joyce explained everything about her brother’s outburst and how she felt “just ignore them soon you’ll be old enough to move out like me” said Toni as she handed Joyce a hot cup of tea the two of them talked until they fell asleep.

The next morning a loud shriek woke the pair but as they rushed outside there was nothing no one in the street, no birds singing, no sounds whatsoever the sky was still overcast but neither could even see any birds flying around “ok this is creepy shouldn’t people be on their way to work” asked Toni but she didn’t get a response because Joyce had wondered off to the nearest alleyway “Toni there is a pool of something weird over here” said Joyce although neither noticed a dark figure watching them they kept looking over their shoulders each time catching a glimpse of someone but whenever they turned it was the same emptiness each time it happened they walked faster and faster towards Joyce’s little cottage until they were running but when they reached it there were no signs of life all the animals that would normally have been out getting their breakfasts were nowhere to be seen “I thought your father worked from sun up to sun down where is he” asked Toni but before Joyce could respond the dark figure that had been following them stepped toward them “now don’t ask silly questions little girl” said the figure in a eerily calm voice “the two of you may have been lucky enough to escape me in the sunlight but you won’t be so lucky tonight” and with that the figure disappeared “Joyce lets find your dad” said Toni rather panicked and the two ran into the house to find it trashed, nothing had been spared they checked every room when they reached Joyce’s parents room they found a pile of remains “oh my-” said Joyce not able to finish the sentence before tears flooded out she sobbed there for a few minutes while Toni tried and failed to escape the smell the both of them stopped and were as silent as statues when they heard a noise coming from the wardrobe behind them “Joyce is that you” said a voice before someone ran over and hugged Joyce “martin you survived” the emotion in Joyce’s voice overwhelmed her she was so happy that she didn’t lose all of her family “please you two can we get out of here that thing said he’d get us tonight and I would rather be elsewhere” said Toni but martin kept shaking “no that creature would still find you it moved through walls it found each of us the only reason I was left was mum wouldn’t tell him where you were” but Toni told them to meet her outside as she fled the room, while they were outside a strong wind picked up and dark rain clouds seemed to appear from nowhere “this is getting too creepy lets get out of here fast” said Toni but the only car they could see was destroyed and when the went to where the family bikes were they found the tyres slashed “how are we going to get away” asked martin “we run if we have to, there is a train station not far from here if we make it there we can get help” replied Joyce “but if those rain clouds get any darker we may not get very far” then she remembered the night before how the dark clouds covered the sky then the rain and wind began hitting hard “guys we need to run now” continued the young woman then part of the wall exploded “RUN” screamed Joyce as more of the wall burst inwards with sparks and lights flashing, the three of them ran as fast as they could further and further away but it seemed the further they got the more the wind picked up then the rain came down making it almost impossible to even see but as if some miracle they found an abandoned factory the walls were thick enough that the wind was useless and the rain just kept falling on the roof “this should keep us safe and dry for a few hours but we need to leave before nightfall” said Toni so they sat down and tried to rest but they were still thinking about what the figure had said “you won’t be so lucky tonight”.

The two teens spent the time talking about where they could go “if we can get to the train station we could go north maybe get the police or the army to help us” said Toni but Joyce shook her head “what are we going to tell them something’s chasing us but we don’t even know what it is” while they talked martin kept falling asleep for a few minutes before waking up scared and as night approached the three of them began to get ready to leave but were jumpy and distrustful of every noise it wasn’t until it became hard to see that Joyce noticed that the lights hadn’t turned on “this building does have electricity doesn’t it” asked Joyce but it wasn’t Toni or martin that answered “no it doesn’t” said the same figure that followed the girls earlier “but don’t worry your not afraid of the dark are you” by now Joyce had picked up martin and was looking for the exit but Toni felt a little braver “who are you…why are you chasing us” but the figure moved too fast to see and was only a few feet from them before they could run “I have many names but you can call me the darkness” the sound seemed to be everywhere and to make it worse the dark figure seemed to be growing in size “what’s wrong little girls you looked scared” the voice continued as he grew more and more his form seemed to change and his teeth grew and enlarged turning into rows of razor sharp fangs his eyes also changed they began to twist into evil shapes but the colour stayed the same blood red just then all of the windows smashed and the wind and rain poured in “YOU CAN NEVER ESCAPE ME” shouted the darkness but some of the wiring in the factory must have been exposed because when the rain touched it explosions of light flashed everywhere and the darkness seemed to shrink so Joyce and Toni took the opportunity and ran out into the storm carrying martin towards the train station through the trees but soon after they heard the menacing voice of the darkness “I WILL FIND YOU” the sound was everywhere but none of the three wanted to look back and see how close the darkness was soon they found street lights but after they passed them the light would explode “it’s right behind us keep going” shouted Toni as they ran across roads and down alleyways while running Joyce spotted a family pull up in a pick up truck not far away the mother was carrying a small child while the father was looking for something “Toni distract that family for a second” said Joyce running towards the family as they were running Joyce said “we have to get martin out of here and if we can hide him he will be safe” Toni nodded her head distracted the parents “quick martin you have to climb into here and hide” said Joyce “no I want to stay with you please don’t leave me” begged martin but Joyce shook her head “no it’s to dangerous I don’t know what I’d do if anything happened to you” Joyce replied as Toni hurried towards them “the family is coming back whatever your doing do it quick” she said before kissing the young boy on the forehead “stay safe kid” she continued then hid in the building closest Joyce on the other hand hugged him and whispered something to him then joined Toni as martin hid in the back of the pick up truck “I told you no one was around but you don’t listen to me” said the mother clearly arguing with the father “well maybe in the next town you could do something useful and stop talking” replied the father both too occupied arguing to notice the extra lumps in the back of the truck and as it took off down the road martin looked back at his sister for the last time and repeated what Joyce had whispered “I will find you again nothing in the world could keep me from my only family”.

As soon as the car had gone off Toni and Joyce ran towards the train station stopping only to change direction but when they reached the station they saw all of the lights had gone out and no one was around “little girls come out and face your destiny it’s futile trying to escape” said the darkness “how are we going to escape the darkness it knows where we are going to be before we do” asked Toni but Joyce could hear the sound she had hoped for, it was the sound of a train and from the sound it would be passing by in under a minute “Toni we are going to make a break for the train just don’t slow down and don’t look back” said Joyce as she prepared to run she waited for the right second and burst forward closely followed by her best friend they ran into what looked like the darkest tunnel only focusing on the train “don’t think you can run away like that” said the darkness in a voice so quiet and sinister the girls could barely hear it but they knew it was closer then they would like and as the train approached they noticed the train didn’t slow down “we have to jump” shouted Joyce as they reached the platform still running the train was about to pass so they ran side by side with it and jumped and missed the door. As all hope faded two hands shot out of a window and pulled Joyce and Toni into the train and away from the darkness “are you okay” asked the figure “it’s almost morning come and sit down you must need rest” they continued before turning to face Joyce and Toni to reveal a woman’s face but she seemed different almost not human but she was right they were tired so they took her advice and sat down but as the woman that saved the two young ladies sat down both Toni and Joyce were wary of her “don’t be afraid of me I mean you no harm” said the woman as she sat away from them “please let me say it is a honour to meet someone of your power” continued the woman who never took her eyes off Joyce “what do you mean someone of my power” asked Joyce but the woman didn’t answer for a few seconds “you haven’t received your powers yet no matter tell me if you would like when it is your eighteenth birthday” although the question came as a surprise Joyce had no hesitation answering it “tomorrow how did you know my eighteenth was coming up” but the woman didn’t answer again for another few seconds “your not from here your not even the same as your friend although she is clearly loyal to you if I told you the two of you were as different as night and day what would you say” she asked Joyce but it was Toni that answered “it doesn’t matter to me how different we are she is my best friend and always will be” the woman smiled for a split second “how am I different from Toni what am I” asked Joyce but she wasn’t ready for the answer “you’re a daughter of darkness also known as a powerling born of this world and of theirs…that’s why that thing wants you” said the mysterious stranger sitting away from Joyce and Toni “but remember it may be the dark that gives you power but it’s your friends and family in this world that gives you strength” then she disappeared as if she weren’t even there to begin with “you did just see a woman sitting talking to us then vanish” asked Toni although both had seen it the question seemed to hang in the air as if neither wanted to believe it but after everything they had witnessed in the last few days this was probably their minds cracking the next thing they knew the train was flying sideways and the chairs were upside down the train had been hit and both of them knew what had done it “I don’t know how you managed to get away but it wasn’t very far” said the same voice that had been chasing them for days.

Joyce’s head was pounding as she lay in the grass but for the life of her she didn’t remember how she and Toni had survived the train crash come to think of it she could see Toni she was badly injured but she couldn’t see the train or any wreckage “you survived well that means I have the pleasure of ending you both myself” said the darkness as it closed in but Joyce could see that although the clouds were still thick and dark that day light was starting to show she would only have to last a little more and the darkness would back off but that was easier said then done the darkness was quick and Joyce wasn’t fast enough and was knocked down repeatedly the darkness was playing with her like a cat plays with it’s food and Joyce knew it, dawn fast approached but the night wasn’t over yet and the light wasn’t fast enough in lighting the sky as the darkness held Joyce down “you will not live to see another sunrise” said the darkness as it’s teeth prepared to clamp down on the throat of Joyce when suddenly Toni jumped into the darkness “no you leave my friend alone” screamed Toni but it was useless it was impossible to fight darkness how can you fight something with no physical body but it bought enough time for the sun to rise “ha you lose” said Toni with exhaustion in her voice “no if I lose something so do you” replied the darkness as it fled into the trees then Toni fell to the floor Joyce ran to her side “Toni are you alright” asked Joyce but both already knew the answer “no I-I’m not” said Toni with a smile “goodbye Joyce” then Toni closed her eyes for the final time with her friend holding her in her arms “goodbye my friend” said Joyce with tears rolling down her face.

Joyce didn’t have the time to give her friend a proper goodbye but she did the best she could then walked until she found a large field and collapsed she watched the clouds move about they were still really dark but as the hours passed she could occasionally see lighter clouds coming through “the storm is almost over” said a voice that made Joyce sit bolt upright it was the woman from the train she was sitting only a few feet from her “who are you…what are you” asked Joyce but again it took a few seconds for the woman to answer “I am no one and I am nothing but I am everything” but Joyce couldn’t understand “your not making sense” said Joyce but the woman had disappeared again leaving her alone in the field “if you can hear me please tell me what is going on” said Joyce but she didn’t get a answer then just as she was about to lose hope the woman appeared again “listen carefully as I said before you are a daughter of darkness on the strike of midnight you will be eighteen but what follows you doesn’t want you to reach that age your mother hid you at birth and sent you to your adopted parents at a very young age” but Joyce heard a large rumble above her “there is not much time remember there is always a way to light the dark” but the woman vanished before explaining more but that didn’t matter Joyce was more worried about the storm it was picking up for the third night in a row but it seemed harder this night she tried to find shelter but everywhere she looked the floor was flooded with no way of getting across safely she glanced over her shoulder and dropped to the floor as the darkness flew just above her head then headed to hide in the trees again Joyce knew she couldn’t out run him forever so she gathered up enough fire wood and anything that wasn’t soaked by the rain which wasn’t much but enough for a fire so she went to some cover in the tree line and tried to start one to keep warm but she could not get a fire going it was just too windy but she couldn’t stop thinking about her mother adopted or not how her smile always made her feel better no matter what was wrong and how martin and Toni had kept each other safe then she realised something the flashes of light at the factory, the street lights and why it only ever attacked at night it was also causing the storms but she couldn’t figure out how to stop him “night time soon” drifted from the trees Joyce knew what was waiting for her so she walked into the clearing from the forest her whole body was telling her to run in the other direction but she carried on walking and she waited until night time she could see the darkness creep out closer and closer until it was right in front of her as the rain battered the two of them the darkness said through his vicious teeth “so your done running well little girl your braver then those weakling family members of yours but make no mistake you will die” but Joyce looked at peace “you know the funny thing I know a bit of where I come from and even who I really am but you don’t scare me anymore” said Joyce as she laughed then the darkness shot out at her faster then a blink of a eye but Joyce was just a little bit faster and she began to notice his desperation “I know what your scared of” said Joyce as she dodged about always able to evade the darkness she could feel his anger she knew he was trying his hardest to finish it quickly “I know your weakness” but by now the darkness grew more and more frantic it’s attacks were not just aimed at her anymore but everything around her “I know what your greatest fear is” continued Joyce expertly moving as swift as the wind “TELL ME” screamed the darkness clearly engulfed in blood rage but Joyce just stood still and with a little smirk said “me” as lightning lit up the sky and bolts shot down the darkness stopped dead “no its not possible I killed the last of you” said the darkness showing it’s fear for the first time “no I will not let you do this to ME” it continued and made one final lunge at her but Joyce grabbed it tight in her hands “this is for everyone you killed” said the determined woman remembering her mothers face, her fathers strong arms and her friend Toni each one ripped away from her she felt the power building up inside her “you fear me don’t you because you know what I am a daughter of darkness a powerling” said Joyce she had finally realised what the woman had said about lighting up the dark the storms had been terrible but there was never any lightning “you think this will stop us I am but one of many you can’t get us all” said the darkness but Joyce kept focused on her memories they gave her strength but she could hear the tortured cries from the creature she knew it didn’t like the light but it seemed to hate being this close to her like her mere touch was painful but soon the fight was over and Joyce was alone but the storm had broke and the moon was lighting the open plain. It had been a few days since Joyce had made him climb into the back of the truck but it had saved his life even after he was discovered by the family that owned the truck who weren’t mad at him but still dropped him off at the nearest town he seemed happy and he was safe but all martin could think about was Joyce even if he wasn’t related she was his sister and he would always be thankful for that and when his aunt and uncle picked him up he told them all about her but they paid no notice of his story thinking he made it up but he knew the truth.

Night began to fall the smell of flesh was in the air as the dark shadow followed a young woman home alone as she walked down a barely lit ally “tell me what your scared of” said the shadow but the woman just stopped looked over her shoulder and smiled “it’s a funny story”.


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i love it its good thank you for Posteding it on TEN TV well done Kevin Land

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Agreed! Really good.