Monday, 10 September 2012

Minivator Sling Loop Converter

In Thurrock most people who need to be hoisted in and out of a wheelchair use Oxford compatible slings. These are slings with looped webbing that attach to the hooks of a compatible hoist.

An alternative incompatible standard is a clip system used by the hoist company Arjo. Oxford slings can't normally be used with these types of hoists, as has been a problem for many people wanting to use the hoists at Blackshots Swimming Pool in Grays. There's good news though...

Alastair Gibbs of TPG DisableAids Ltd kindly sent me information of an affordable adapter that will enable Oxford slings to be used on Arjo hoists: The Minivator sling loop converter set (pictured top - code MVS174) threads through the loops of Oxford compatible slings, enabling use on Arjo style 'clip' carry bar or tilting frame hoists. They come as a set of four and retail at £19.80 + VAT + £3.95 p&p.

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