Thursday, 7 June 2012

Dog Racing

Greyhounds Racing

The nearest Greyhound Stadiums to Thurrock are in Crayford (over the river Thames) and Romford. Both hold races in the day, with free entry to the stadium to watch. Evening races charge from £4 to £7 depending on the day.

The simplest way to bet is to choose a dog to win the next race coming up. You can ask something like "£1 on dog number 3 to Win" at the Tote window where they take bets, and they'll understand that.

People can also choose using symbols of each dog, roll a die, or play X marks the spot on the race card (the book of races). There is a method of making betting more fun here, and a full guide to betting at

Opening Times

Monday night (Romford £4 entry, opens 6pm)
Wednesday night (Romford £4 entry, opens 6:30pm)
Friday night (Romford/Crayford - £6/£5-£7 entry, open at 6:15pm/6:30pm)
Saturday night (Romford/Crayford - £6/£5-£7 entry, open at 6:15pm/6:30pm)

Tuesday day (Crayford free entry, opens 1pm)
Thursday day (Romford/Crayford free entry, open at 1pm)
Saturday day (Romford/Crayford both free entry and open at 10am)

Addresses and Phone Numbers

Romford Greyhound Stadium's telephone number is 01708 76 23 45. The address is Coral Romford Greyhound Stadium, London Road, Romford, Essex, RM7 9DU.

Crayford Greyhound Track's telephone number is 01322 55 78 36. The address is: Stadium Way, Crayford, Dartford, Kent, DA1 4HR.


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