Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Advert from Liam's Club Night Radio (TEN-TV)

4 boxes including DJ pics from Liam's Club Night in Grays, Thurrock, UK.

"Hi everyone my name is DJ Sunrise I want to Welcome everyone to Liam's Night Club on Friday 10th June Get ready to pay entry ticket £5. Click the picture above to hear our advert.

If you're taking the stairs or lift, you'll be entering the new world of Liam's Night Club, where you can enjoy all the other super DJ Lineup.Check out DJ Sunrise Special Super Hit don't Forget other Super Hit Music from all other DJ out there DJ Sunrise want to give a big credit to TEN-TV and Quest Music Services and Thurrock Lifestyle Solutions.

Keep memory MC Spider Liam's Night Club dance away all night "More to come! Liam's night Club Radio."

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Anonymous said...


DJ Sunrise: "Hi everyone, my name is DJ Sunrise, I'm going to welcome [you] to the Liam's Night Club Radio. I'm going to approach over to DJ Bouncy Castle...."

DJ Bouncy Castle: "Hi, hi everyone, my name is DJ Bouncy Castle, I'd like to invite everyone to the biggest dance floor night. Bring your friends, bring your family, bring your girlfriends, bring your boyfriends....and get ready for the biggest night of your life!"

DJ Sunrise: "okay, so, what we've been hearing from the DJ Bouncy Castle, remember it's on Friday the 10th of June, Liam's Night Club... and remember, don't go lazing around, we need to have a fun night."

DJ Bouncy Castle: "...we need everyone up on the dance floor".

DJ Sunrise: "...and don't forget we've got a great secret DJ line-up. Get ready for a super-hit music, with all great DJs, and back-too-back DJ Sunrise and DJ Bouncy Castle....[DJ Bouncy Castle in the background: "castle castle castle"].... and I hope that everyone will get home safely at the end of the night....thank you very much, and remember when you hear the back-ground of the music, you'll be loving it".

DJ Bouncy Castle: "why don't you play with my ear drums a bit?" [crazy drumming sounds].

DJ Sunrise: "Yeah. Thank you, right? Take care."