Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Some scattered notes for supporting people on the Autistic Spectrum

Loan Library notes for supporting people on the Autistic Spectrum
Via Barrie Ellis at Thurrock Lifestyle Solutions with thanks to Kim Darby and Jamie Knight.

Books: - Some excellent books from Alis Rowe.
Thomas the Tank Engine books (e.g. – Thomas Classic 70th Anniversary Collection – 26 books £20). Common favourite for many. 

The Reason I Jump - Naoki Higashida. Fantastic book.

Useful links for more ideas/advice:
·         Thurrock POINT Autism blog posts:
·         Pinterest board of ideas:
·         A useful Facebook discussion page:
·         ICE (Inclusive Communication Essex):
·         Vue cinemas Autism friendly film showings: - 1. The lights are on low. 2. The volume is turned down. 3. You can take your own food and drink. 3. You are able to move around the cinema if you like.

iPads / iPod touch (cheaper): sensory apps, communication apps (e.g. Proloquo2go / Proloquo4Text/Assistive Express – cheaper ones – Auto Verbal, AzuleJoe?), Guided Access with timer and password….age controls…… Advice on safer use….. Messenger apps to have a group of trusted people to ask for help from.

Cue cards / Anticipation booklets / Communication help: “Brain in Hand”:  Move Cubes “Spordas Move Cubes - £25.99 for 3 exc. VAT” – “you can write an activity on each side, then roll it to pick the activity. I also use them when meeting new people. By writing a question on each side and rolling it to play a game to get to know each other. Super super helpful!” via Jamie Knight. – do some good communication Velcro boards/wallets.

Noise cancelling headphones / ear defenders:

Sensory equipment: Hue Sensory lighting: Raspberry Pi and Hue lighting with Xbox controller (or iPads): - try not to overload / underload.

Toys: fidget toys…. Bath-time toys….. Lego…… “With lego, to make sure its easy to identify, wash it in a bowl and pour an Ultraviolet (UV) highlighter pens ink into the water. Then you can easily identify your lego with a UV light should it get mixed up with someone elses collection…… Don’t stick the stickers on lego models…… Duplo and Lego Junior is good too………. Good to suggest a range of activities. Some autistic people will want the structure of following the instructions, others will want a big box of bricks to play with. Others still may benefit from building just one part of a larger model…….       Thomas the tank engine is a common favourite…….  Chew Tubes “fantastic sensory toy!”  - via Jamie Knight.

Can help with sleeping patterns.

Tracking Devices and Doro Phones:  Doro Secure 580 a nice simple phone. There are even easier ones I think. Tracking info here:

Sensory Vest / Weighted Blankets / Arm Weights: sensory vests inflate to apply a little pressure:

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