Monday, 23 November 2015

Inclusive Art Ideas

Knitted tree art.

1. Switch accessible battery powered water-pistols: Use to disturb a bowl of oil and ink.... use to push powdered paint across some paper..... fill with watered down ink to create ink art). Take photos, print-out, frame and hang (make sure the artists get a credit).

2. Switch accessible dice: Can use for simple random choices of colour (e.g. 1-3 = Blue, 4-6 = White) where someone doesn't make a deliberate choice. Can even make a complete rule set for creating art (e.g. 1-6 = 6 different methods, roll again 1-6 = 6 different colours, roll again 1-6 = how many minutes to work on the art for).

3. Switch accessible photography: Use an iPad and wireless switch to take photos (using Switch Recipes). All other bases to follow.

4. Wii (in Game's room): "Let's Tap" Visualiser - you can use the entire table to have a group tapping to make art with on-screen ink, paint and fireworks. Use the camera to take photos of the results.

5. PC art: Stuff like Scribbler.

6. Kinetic Sand. Get people to make things, then take some photos. Maybe make short animations as with .GIF art.

7. Rasturbator: Cane the printer and make giant print outs of photos / art.

8. Spirograph: Switch accessible.

9. Slideshows: Use a switch adapted track-ball or mouse to get someone to control a slide-show. Work in a group to make an interesting one. Upload it to Dropbox to share on Thurrock POINT. Maybe do one on where people live using interesting photos from here... and one's people take themselves....

10. Use the PS3 and the Eye Toy with Mesmerize, or the Xbox 360 with Kinect Party (when fixed at Ockendon) to take photos of people creating kinetic art by moving about.

11. Use the switch accessible remote control car and cover its wheels with paint (when fixed, currently burnt out).

12. Use the switch spin-art machine.

Arrange to go to museums. Play with sounds and music. See if we can borrow stuff from Aladdin's Cave. Learn BSL colours.... Get a list of ideas.... Send them here and we'll add them to Thurrock Point > PMLD > Art Ideas.

Put value in people's art, and get some of it framed and hung up or up-loaded for others to enjoy.

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